About Keepin™
Keepin was launched by Nana Qi, a busybody who barely had time to put things away and lost more time looking for them.
She wanted a way to ease the pain of constantly missing possessions, and realized that the ingredients to the solution already exist!
By combining regular storage containers, AI item recognition, and a smartphone, you can have a pocket assistant who makes organization and item location a breeze. And feel the absolute relief that there's a solution for the rest of yout life.
Nana Qi
Nana Qi is a creator in the art and tech world, from large scale paintings to hologram and robotic designs.
She has partnered with The Smithsonian Institute, The Jane Goodall Institute, and other groups for projects related to conservation and wildlife.
Nana's client portfolio includes Disney, The Pokémon Company, Magic the Gathering, Harry Potter, Roblox, and many more. She also licenses her products in major craft stores such as Joann. Nana has also spoken at several places such as San Jose University.
She is based in Massachusetts and often in New York, feeding forest birds unsalted peanut butter in her free time.
Rishi Swethan is an AI Developer and Independent Consultant Specialiing In Computer Vision and Predictive Analytics. He is the lead developer on the project and devotes much of his time to developing the new technology.
In his spare time, he likes to free-dive and run long distances. He often tend to forget where he kept things for a long time, and always wished he had some way to keep track of these items easily.
When he heard of Keepin, he was immediately hooked, and is glad to be able to be part of the project.
Rishi Swethan
Lead Developer
Samuel Libenzon
Samuel N. Libenzon, a Newton, MA local, took a break from his marketing and PR company to dip his toes into the corporate world. But the call of entrepreneurship pulled him back, and in December 2023, he dove back into his agency full-time.
Beyond the office, he's often out for a jog, hitting the streets or hitting the courts for a game of tennis (even if he's still finding his footing!). His love for the beach extends to Cape Cod and Riviera Maya, Mexico, where he finds solace and inspiration.
During his college years, he lived in Brighton and Fenway, adding to his appreciation for the vibrant city of Boston.
The team at Designli are creating a one of a kind app experience. Their full time dedication to the project is helping to bring the vision of accessible item tracking to life.
Their various experts and innate interest in the project has resulted in an incredibly professional interface, that will be available to all users with Keepin.
UI/UX Team