[Press Release] “You’ll Spend 200 Days of Your Life Looking for Stuff, but Keepin.ai Aims to Change That”

New patent pending AI storage startup from Boston is trying to change the way people store and find items.

There’s a growing search trend across Google right now: “why do I keep losing things” and other questions along those lines. Many people find themselves wasting their time and even being late to work because they were looking for something important. That is the age-old question, if it’s so important how come we lose it so easily. Our keys, phone, and wallet are the top three contenders for most commonly lost items, but yet they are the most important for the vast majority of people.

In a city where technological start ups emerge on the daily, Boston Massachusetts is no stranger to new inventions promising the future. Similarly to any city, most residents find themselves short on time and looking to make their lives more efficient in any way they can. People often prioritize convenience in cities, a reason why we see services such as dog walking thriving in urban areas, people care a lot about getting things done faster and more effectively. Space is also an issue, a lot of people use self storage units, pile up storage bins at home, and have bookshelves filled to the top with novels. Research reveals that the average person may spend a staggering 200 days of their life in search of lost belongings (lostings.com). And the estimated monetary cost is immense, from missed opportunities to buying duplicates of the same thing.

Although it seems a situation like this would have already resulted in a technological solution to come along and change the game, it hasn’t, until now. Very recently a new startup was founded that is tackling this problem head on. Patent pending via one of Boston’s local IP law practices, Libenzon & Associates, they are ready to help all of us save some of that precious time. They began their journey about 3 months ago and have recently finished a prototype, which means it shouldn’t be too long until we begin to see more of the final product.

“The app is currently in development and we’ve had incredible progress, it’s exceeding all our expectations.” - Nana Qi, Founder of Keepin

Say someone wants it to always remember where their favorite cookbook is, they can just scan their bookshelf with the Keepin app and anytime they need it, the chatbot will be able to tell them exactly where it is! They may have even forgotten about that cookbook, but if they had already scanned their bookshelves and asked the AI, “Hey, do I have any books for cooking?” They would be pleasantly surprised by the hidden gem they may have already had.

The AI-Enhanced Storage System aims to simplify storing and finding things using just your phone and optional add-ons. By holding or placing it on a stand as you put items away, the app automatically recognizes what it sees and where they go. Your personal assistant remembers what things are, where they are, even size and other descriptors. It can even match stuff based on what you’re doing.

If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence and new emerging tech businesses in the Boston area, and think this one is unique and worthwhile to read more about, you can find updates about their app and company at keepin.ai

Read Article in Associated Press: https://apnews.com/press-release/ein-presswire-newsmatics/boston-artificial-intelligence-6a3f8e8a488cc3d3c557d7918db9b9bc?utm_source=hoobe&utm_medium=social