[Press Release]”Tired of Misplacing Things? Keepin Can Help”

Boston, MA - 2/18/24
You’ve gotten ready for a day of fun, but can’t remember where that thing you need is. Looking
for it will make you late, and in that moment you wish there was a way to keep better track of
stuff. We know what that’s like and wanted to find a real solution to this everyday problem. So
we’re introducing Keepin, a brand new, patent pending solution to organization and home
storage. Research reveals that the average person may spend a staggering 200 days of their
life in search of lost belongings (https://www.lostings.com/). And the estimated monetary cost is
immense, from missed opportunities to buying duplicates of the same thing.

This AI-Enhanced Storage System simplifies storing and finding things using just your phone
and optional add-ons. By holding or placing it on a stand as you put items away, the app
automatically recognizes what it sees and where they go. Your personal assistant remembers
what things are, where they are, even size and other descriptors. It can even match stuff based
on what you’re doing. Going on a skiing trip? It’ll find your skis, googles, winter clothes and
everything else. Is your child hosting a dinosaur tea party? Know where their prehistoric friends
and tableware are before even getting up. With Keepin you’ll have more time for precious
moments, so cherish them and let it take care of the rest.

Keepin integrates physical storage containers and tags with an intuitive mobile app, harnessing
the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and image recognition technology to revolutionize the
process. Naturally converse with the app through text or speech, and quickly pinpoint the
location of items within the home or desired area. Keepin storage bins make remembering
what’s in them easy, all at the same price as standard storage containers. Add QR/NFC tags to
designate specific drawers, closets, or other spaces for easy scanning, providing smart tracking
at no additional cost. You’ll save time and likely money too. Moving soon and want a list of
what’s in every cardboard box? We’ll have you covered with QR printed sets for easy

What you share with Keepin is encrypted and private, only you will be able to see what’s
cataloged. Not even our developers can access that, like photos they must be actively shared
by the user. Whether using only Keepin’s containers/area tags, or its advanced room to room
visualization, that’s completely up to you! Choose how you want to utilize Keepin with your
personal lifestyle.

Time is precious, and the frustration of locating misplaced items universal. From gifts given by
loved ones to an umbrella before you go, knowing what and where your stuff is makes daily life
even better. Our innovative tool is designed to help you locate both your treasured and everyday
possessions, with ease and efficiency. No more endless searching or frantic rummaging -
Keepin will find it for you!

“The app is currently in development and we’ve had incredible progress, it’s exceeding all our
expectations.” - Nana Qi, Founder of Keepin

Key Features of the AI-Enhanced Home Storage System:

  1. Visual Search: The Keepin app provides a second set of eyes, enabling users to locate lost
    items by holding their phone as they look for it. Higher visual awareness can more quickly find
    what you seek..
  2. Instant Visibility: Users can see the contents of their storage containers without physically
    opening them, streamlining the retrieval process. Virtually rummage through places at home or
    anywhere in the world.
  3. Calendar Integration: Future capabilities will include syncing with your calendar, offering
    helpful reminders for a stress-free departure. Going to the park on a sunny day? It’ll tell you
    where to grab your favorite shades.

Simplify home storage and find anything anytime with Keepin.ai. Say goodbye to the frustration
of searching for lost belongings and welcome a new era of smart, efficient home organization.