Keepin Development Update

Keepin development update

Exciting developments are underway within Keepin's development team as they edge closer to the initial release of their innovative AI platform. Among the latest advancements is the remarkable ability of the AI to correct itself in the event of misidentifying an object. While Keepin's official launch is on the horizon, these behind-the-scenes progressions offer a glimpse into the platform's promising capabilities.

As the team fine-tunes the AI, one standout feature emerges—the AI's capacity to identify not just the type of object, but also the specific brand associated with it. This breakthrough promises to revolutionize the way users interact with their belongings, particularly those with diverse collections spanning multiple brands.

The implications of this development are vast. Imagine the ease of cataloging various pairs of shoes, clothing items, or accessories without the hassle of manual corrections. With Keepin's enhanced accuracy, organizing personal inventory becomes a seamless experience, setting a new standard for efficiency.

Looking ahead, Keepin's advanced AI holds immense potential beyond personal use. Businesses stand to benefit from its capabilities in inventory tracking, retail analytics, and customer engagement. The ability to accurately identify brands opens doors to streamlined operations, optimized inventory management, and personalized customer experiences.

As Keepin's development journey progresses, the team's dedication and innovation continue to shine. These ongoing advancements underscore Keepin's commitment to delivering intelligent solutions that simplify everyday tasks. While the official release draws near, the anticipation surrounding Keepin's AI development only amplifies, signaling a future where precision object identification becomes the norm.


If you want a chance to get free early access to try Keepin, read below for instructions: 

You can enter by sending at least 1 or more videos to the email below. The videos should be of a few items placed on a surface or in a box/drawer, hand and items clearly visible and filming without moving the phone a lot.