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Meet Keepin™
Tidying's important, so is keeping what you love
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A Helper At Home
What if you had an assistant to save time finding what you need? Imagine the relief of knowing where everything is. With Keepin you can finally do just that.
This revolutionary technology makes it a breeze for you to store and locate items, turning your daily routine into one of efficiency.. Tidying is important, but so is keeping what you love.
How it works
Keepin demo recognizing items that are picked up 
  • Easy Identification: Simply open the app, and Keepin identifies your items in your hand as you naturally put them away. Special visual recognition creates a tag free experience.
  •  Effortless Retrieval: Ask Keepin where something is, and it quickly discovers your item with conversation like responses. No more searching – it's that easy
  •  Quick & Seamless: Optional QR and NFC tags efficiently find where your stuff is taken from and placed, no fuss!
Patent pending technology remembers with a breeze
A New Way in a New Age
  • Virtually Rummage: Instead of getting up to physically sort through who knows how many places, ask to look through them on the app and simply scroll
  • Ask Anywhere! Need something later? Find things from the comfort of your couch or away from home!
  • Practical & Stackable: Optional numbered, stackable containers for easy organization and a visually appealing storage solution. It knows which one you're putting in automatically.
Photo by Tim Gouw:
Studies show that finding what we own is very taxing on our resources. So much time and money better spent on what you enjoy
How much could you save if someone kept track of what you have?
Source - Lostings
a year of Americans report being late looking for things 
2.5 DAYS
average time spent per year searching for them
1 IN 3
More than 1 in 3 report never finding an item again
dollars a year of lost items estimated (just in the US)
200 DAYS
Estimated time you'll spend in your whole life
Busy lives/multitasking make tracking everything so hard
"Things you lost. Things you’re gonna lose. Everything. Here’s where it all ties together."
- Haruki Murakami
60% of people say misplacing things made them late for workschool (1)
Studies Show
60% polled say they've been late to work/school due to time spent finding something, in this day and age where life can be a hurry.
Who has the time, energy, or even the memory to always know exactly where everything is?
Source - Lostings
Waste less and do what you like!
Remembering where everything is can be difficult, even for the organized
Studies show a strong link between organization and improvements in overall well being
Super Smart Features
Suggestions based on what you need, whether an outfit for a party or tools for gardening.
Remarkable AI learns your preferences over time. Have a favorite pair of boots you always wear with blue? Keepin remembers and suggests it more.
Sync calendars, weather and more. Your personal assistant checks ahead of time, and suggests what you'll want beforehand. An umbrella for Tuesday showers or charger for your mountain hike.
Irina Gutyryak
Photo by Julia Amaral
More YOU Time!
Imagine instantly knowing where you put things, and the relief of not having to remember. The value that adds to your life and comfort.
Keepin always knows so you can do more. For different lifestyles, households, and personalities!
How will you thrive when searching's a breeze?
How does Keepin work?
Keepin's patent pending technology combines AI image recognition, a chatbot, and machine learning to help you unlimitedly store and find your things.
The app automatically identifies what your items are as you put them away! It also keeps track of where the items are for future retrieval. Type or talk to the chatbot to find what you need. It will sync with smart speakers so you can ask them out loud too.
Optional containers and QR/NFC stickers may be purchased for even easier use. You can designate stickers to drawers/closets etc. These help with effortless tracking, just scan or tap your phone and Keepin will "keep an eye" on it.
Future smart features are planned to make this more than just an item tracking system.
  • The ability to sync with your calendar and local weather
  • Learning the latest fashion trends to put together outfits from your own closet
  • Helping you track down things with "last mentioned" features
  • Learning your preferences and habits with permission
  • Suggesting items you didn't think of using for a task/hobby
And many many more!
What will it cost?
Nothing extra!
Our storage containers will be priced like others you find in major retailers, and buying what you usually would from our brand makes using Keepin risk free and actually FREE.
Different plans include different features, and there will be a full functional tier supported by ads.
Who is this for?
Anyone who has wondered "Where did I put that..."
Everything you show Keepin is safe and protected by advanced encryption. No one else has access unless you share with them!
When will it come out?
As of January 2024 the prototype has been created, and soon a fully featured app and suite of products.
We'll need time to beta test and manufacture products, and are planning a rollout this year.
Why should I use Keepin?
If you've ever spent way to long looking for something, and wished someone was keeping track of where you put everything, then this is for you. As a system you can use at no extra cost, why not give it a try?